Are You a Virtual Professional?

If you answer, “Yes” to these questions, then you’re a prime Virtual Professionals candidate:
•    Want to join the digital workforce?
•    Want to supplement your income by working online?
•    Want real-world training that translates into real income?
•    Want to experience flexibility and freedom with your work?
•    Want to get paid on time?
•    Are you comfortable working off-site?
•    Are you ready to provide world-class online support and community management services to world-class clients?


OK, let’s talk!

Freedom & flexibility

Employers are increasingly seeking contingent talent who can deploy at a moment’s notice. That’s because it often makes financial sense to hire part-time, project-based help rather than pay full-time employees. 

That’s where you come in! This new distributed workforce means more freedom to work where and when you want, without having to work on-site.

Hands-on training

At Virtual Professionals, we’re always on the hunt for online talent – anywhere in the world. If your skills match a client’s needs, we can train you in a number of online support roles including:

•    Content moderation.
•    Beta testing for online products.
•    Online tech and customer support.
•    Social media management.

Even if there is no immediate job fit, we can provide core training on basic skills!

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On-time payments

Payments are easy. As a 1099 contractor, you’re issued monthly payments via direct deposit or PayPal. 

Best of all, they’re on time! As a Virtual Professionals agent, you WILL be paid on time, regardless of when we get paid. 

Join us!

Virtual Professionals consists of 50-plus active agents and more than 300 registered applications worldwide. If you’re passionate about joining the digital workforce, and providing quality support to clients ranging from household media and entertainment brands to small organizations, apply now!

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