Become a Virtual Professionals Expert

At Virtual Professionals, we’re far more than a placement agency.

We've made it our No. 1 goal to help workers like you increase your supplemental income by entering the digital workforce and run your own business.

It all starts with training.

Your journey begins with an assessment. Based on that review, you’ll receive basic training, project training or project placement.

Basic training

Even if there is no immediate job fit, we can provide core training in:
  • Software applications such as Microsoft Office suite and *?.
  • Branding your business.
  • Customer service.
Project training

If you’re right for a job, we can train you in online support roles including:
  • Content moderation on platforms such as WordPress, Disqus, Jive, Yahoo! Groups and more.
  • Beta testing for online products such as xx.
  • Online tech support and customer assistance on Parature, Zendesk and other help desk programs.
  • Social media management of platform such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, HootSuite and more.
  • Project-specific software applications.
Training is designed to get you earning income quickly … so we can provide clients with quick project planning and expertise.

Want to be an online support or community management expert?